Rainspan products

Rainspan with Metal Cassette

Metallic composite rainscreen systems in an extensive range of finishes from natural metals, to stone to prismatic and everything in between.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Stone

Stone tile architectural façade system comprises of a bonded and reinforced granite or stone tile, backed up with Eurobond's Rainspan panel system.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Terracotta

The visual impact of a timeless modern façade with the distinctive character a natural terracotta in a ventilated rainscreen.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Brick Tile

A brick tile composite rainscreen system combines the natural beauty of genuine brick with fast track installation

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Stratified Timber

The wood panel architectural facade system, it is a high-density stratified timber panel manufactured from kraft paper treated with resins thermoset under high pressure and temperature, finished with natural timber veneers highly resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric agents.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Timber

The natural aesthetic of a timber faςade can create unique building externals. It not only provides a warm natural finish to your building but can be installed with varying widths and profiled wood, giving the option of a textured faςade profile.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Urban Glass

High-quality, stylish, unique and plain elegant. More than ever the material glass is in demand for long-lasting structural quality and highest specifications.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Ceramic

The ceramic rainscreen offers an unsurpassed range of finishes in simulated stone and metallic effects, polished, honed and textured surfaces.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Render

A render system has a ventilated cavity and provides excellent weather protection, impact resistance and can even be used to form tight curves.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan with Rockpanel

Rockpanel rainscreen offers a rich design and colour range combined with an easily shaped board material that opens the door to your freedom of expression.

Design Flexibility

Rainspan uniquely blends together the benefits of a composite panel and the flexibility of varying aesthetic rainscreens to provide greater freedom for architectural expression.

Rainspan provides the perfect structural support for rainscreen systems, combining ease and speed of installation to create a weathertight building envelope early on in the build programme.


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