Delivering Bespoke Acoustic Solutions

Whether the project is an office block where outside noise needs to be suppressed, or schools and hospitals that require sound insulation between specific rooms, when it comes to acoustics there are performance needs that must be satisfied, sound insulation is a major factor across all industries. Whenever we are faced with a new project we need to consider exactly what acoustic issues need to be addressed.

Different sectors have different requirements for required acoustic reduction levels, from the education sector (BB93) to the health sector (HTM2045) to Commercial and office environments (BS8233:1999). All these different regulations mean that acoustic solutions need to be tailored to the specific requirement, a standard 'across the board' level does not apply and a custom panel system needs to be implemented if practical acoustic solutions are to be found.

It is important to consider that as well as many different types of noise, there are also many different methods of noise transmission. Airborne noise and impact noise are the most common to consider, especially driven rain on wall elements but there is also internal noise reverberation (How sound waves are reflected and absorbed) and  flanking (the transmission of sound around the perimeter or through partition holes) to consider.

The types of noise that needs to be controlled is dependent on a number of factors. All buildings need some sort of acoustic control in order to meet standard regulatory requirements (e.g. Building regulations Approved Document E) or even specific client requirements and panels have an excellent level of acoustic reduction due to the density of the mineral wool core (when compared with PIR Foam panels).  It is a basic principle that as the density is increased, the acoustic reduction is also increased. This is only the beginning of the potential solutions and Eurobonds technical department are ready to provide specific solutions for the most demanding environments.

Correctly specifying against these varying regulations and varying sectors can prove to be a minefield, Eurobond are addressing this by offering a series of standard design details which show how the desired acoustic reduction can be achieved as effectively as possible.

Eurobond's improved acoustic reduction solution is provided by using through-wall constructions with a combination of layers which include Eurobond panels, Rockwool Flexi acoustic slabs and plasterboard. Eurobond can now provide a series of standard configurations to improve acoustic performance and with various combinations/arrangements it is possible to offer acoustic reductions to satisfy any environment, building regulation, or specified performance levelwith potential reductions of up to 140 db. This pre-defined selection of configurations will allow specification to be easier than ever before with the additional benefit of Eurobonds in house expertise to ensure that any solution provided will be in line with the most current regulations for application.


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